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Solid Matt Colour Edge Band Tape

We offer vast range of best quality Solid Matt Colour Edge Band Tapes that are used for several industrial purposes. The tapes are also used in giving the edges of the furniture a smooth and ideal finish. These tapes come in various colors like super white, slate grey, black, action yellow, orange, polar blue and many others. The range also comprises of multiple abstract patterns, super matte finishes and designs. The Solid Matt Colour Edge Band Tapes will stand on all the necessary requirements of client. They possess industrial standard tensile strength, are sturdy and meet up all the set standards of quality. The Tapes provides satisfactory finish and are long lasting. They are the ones on which clients can depend.

Features of Solid Matt Colour Edge Band Tape:

  • Utilized for concealing furniture's edges as well as panels.
  • Helpful in giving a clean and solid look to the product.
  • Colors match with concerned products such as laminates etc.
  • Assorted color shades are available.