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Solid Matt Colour Edge Band Tape
Solid matt colour edge band tape can be availed in silver grey, slate grey, black, super white, frosty white and many more colors. Our company uses special grade resin to manufacture this edge band tape that ensures zero impact modification as well as hardness. 
Door Accessories

This array of Door Accessories deserves praise for its long lasting surface finish, optimum strength and reasonable price. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their service life and design precision.

Fabric Textured Edge Band Tape
Fabric textured edge band tape is provided in different fabric textures, like linen and denim. This edge band tape has a polished type appearance that can be customized as per the client's requirements.
Fabric Textured Super Hi-Gloss Edge Band Tape
Having hi gloss, flawless surface and fabric texture, fabric textured super hi-gloss edge band tape is a first choice of many customers. This tape is used for the fine edges covering and decoration purposes.
Metallic PVC Edge Band Tape
Metallic PVC edge band tape is an ideal tape for edge banding. Light stability and resistance to chemicals / stains are couple of special attributes of this edge band tape.
Richies Edge Banding Tape
We are manufacturer of Richies edge banding tape that is demanded by households, shopping malls and entertainment houses to decorate and cover the furniture edges. PVC is the basic material used in the manufacturing of this tape.
Masking Tapes
We are well-known in the national as well international markets for providing a huge array of innovatively designed Masking Tapes. They basically are the tapes with adhesives on one side that allow their usability in different applications. These tapes are pressure sensitive and are made from a thin and easy to tear paper that offer their easy usability. They are available with us in diverse widths, so clients can take them to meet their exact demands in an appropriate manner. The Masking Tapes are widely utilized in printing sectors to for masking the areas that are not meant to be painted. They have a satisfactory service life and are the ones on which clients can rely on without worrying about anything.
Hot Melt Glue
We are dealing in an extensive orbit of Hot Melt Glue to provide a strong and inseparable bond between two objects. The glue is the most versatile and best bonding option for a number of applications. The thermoplastic polymers are melt at high temperature and then cooled so they get re-solidify for creating strong bonds. The Hot Melt Glue is Eco-friendly as no toxic fumes are evolved from it. The glue can be applied on all types of plastic and other materials. It is reliable and offers a sturdy bond. The glue is water proof, dries clearly and also excellent in bonding fibers. You can this glue at a market leading price. They are made by using up to the minute technology along with the support of experienced professionals.
Wall Hangers

Both residential and commercial settings benefit from wall hangers, also known as wall hooks or wall mounts. It is important to have them for optimizing space, organizing, storing, and displaying visuals.

Curtain Brackets

Residential and commercial spaces need curtain brackets as well as curtain rod brackets for hanging curtains and draperies. Their purpose is to ensure curtain support and to facilitate curtain operation. Their benefits include easy installation, durability, and longevity.